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Avionics Audio is a manufacturer and distributor of cables and accessories for home and car entertainment system, professional audio and recording studio. Avionics Audio is located in the center of Jakarta City of Indonesia.The company began operations in the mid of 2003 as the Indonesia distributor of Analysis Plus cable, Harmonic Technology and Straight Wire. In 2004, it became a limited corporation under Quantum Globalindo, PT banner. The Avionics Audio name was first used on house branded cables. The Avionics name and logo represents a passion of human being to explore the unlimited exploration of outer space.In 2005 Avionics launched component video cable, optical cable. This led the way to the Avionics HDMI and today, over 50 cables and accessories are now being produced under the Mustang, Apache, Panthom and Stealth model names.

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Oxygen Free Cooper
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