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Avionics Mustang AI 2.26 Audio Interconnect Cable


Avionics Mustang audio cable interconnects composed of double coaxial cable. With low loss PVC jacket purple and oxygen free copper conductors and a protective layer EMI and RFI interference


Avionics Mustang is generally used as a replacement for standard audio cable included in the box of audio video devices. Produces more rounded bass and treble are more subtle than a standard audio cable.

This cable is used to connect the analog audio signals between the two audio device that has RCA connectors on the input and output. From the sound source to the amplifier such as a CD player to the amplifier, DVD player to the amplifier, cable TV decoders to televisions, Karaoke Bank to Karaoke Amplifier and many other applications that are difficult to mention one by one.

Model Mustang Audio Interconnect Cable
Conductor Oxygen Free Copper
Geometry Double Coaxial + ground cable
Jacket Low Loss PVC
length 50 M



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